Dr. Lisa Erlanger


Dr. Lisa Erlanger is a family physician, educator, activist, and speaker focusing on anti-bias, weight-inclusive, trauma-informed care for patients of all sizes and backgrounds.  She is the founding president of the Association for Weight Inclusive Medicine (AWIM). She speaks nationally about weight-inclusive care and eating disorders.   She is passionate about supporting the next generation of providers in the compassionate care of patients in typically marginalized bodies or with stigmatized conditions.     read more 

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Beyond BMI: The Case for Weight Inclusive Women's Healthcare.  Available alone or as part of the PESI Women's Health Certification Course 

Untangling Weight and Health: a Physician's Perspective.  Available alone or as part of the PESI Body Image, and PESI Binge Eating and Chronic Dieting Certification Courses

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“The Weight of Bias: Anti-Fat Bias, Health, and Medical Education” 

STFM Conference on Medical Education, New Orleans 

“Anti-Fat Bias and Eating Disorder Care” 

Accanto Health Continuing Education Program 

“The Weight of Bias” 

UW Dept of Family Medicine End of Quarter Meeting 

“Health at Every Size: What If Health Care Were Weight Inclusive?”

Washington State Society for Clinical Social Work, Seattle  

“Health Equity for Larger Bodied Patients” 

Healthpoint Washington CHC Network  

“Comprehensive Anesthesia Care for Higher Weight Patients: An Expert Discussion” 

American Society of Anesthesiologists WSSA/BCAS Joint Scientific Meeting 

“The Weight of Stigma in the Treatment of Eating Disorders”  

Webinar, American Academy of Anorexia Nervosa, Chicago Illinois.

“Untangling Weight and Health” 

King County Assoc. of Family Practice  

“Anti-Fat Bias and Health” 

University of Michigan School of Medicine 

“Eating Disorders” and “Trauma Informed Care.”  

University of Washington Women’s Health Care Update 

“Involuntary Treatment for Eating Disorders” 

Harborview Medical Center Ethics Forum


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St Peters- Olympia Family Medicine Residency

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